Teach your kids resilience with our Mind Power for Kids course

Our Mind Power for Kids course teachers your kids resilience

Every parent dreams of having a happy, resilient child who can navigate through life and remain positive and focused. In fact, learning to be resilient is often overlooked as a key trait to develop during childhood.

We know we cannot make life easier for our children, but we can do our best to give them the tools to thrive.

That’s why we have developed our Mind Power for Kids course. This course teaches children (ages 6 to 12) how their mind works and how they can use this knowledge to be positive, happy, determined, focused and successful.

Taking the course is tremendous fun and you will see the difference in your child.

Mind Power for Kids teaches children to:

  • manage their thoughts to remain positive,
  • use their conscious mind to make healthy decisions,
  • programme their mind for success and eliminate negative belief systems that affect their self-esteem,
  • develop a strong sense of self-confidence to withstand peer pressure and negative influences,
  • focus on possibilities not problems,
  • develop healthy habits, and finally
  • control their emotions so that their emotions don’t control them.

With our children having to deal with an ever-increasing list of real life challenges such as cyber bullying, COVID-19, and the fear of uncertainty, this course is a dream come true for many parents.

You can thank us later!