• About Think Digital Academy

About Think Digital Academy

Internationally acclaimed online school

Think Digital Academy, is an online school that prides itself in providing world-class online learning to students all over the world. We present our online content in an interactive, engaging, and effective way for virtual school students.

Think Digital Academy (TDA) is also the first online school not only providing the United States GED but also the British International and South African CAPS curricula, as well as other exciting courses.

Our name derives from our strong belief that “Thinking” is one of the most important skills a child can be taught.  We have so much information at our fingertips, but young students need to learn how to think creatively to use this information to plan, design, innovate – for anything they wish to pursue in their lives. With this online school, all this and more is possible.

“Think Digital Academy takes the unique approach in that instead of being forced to turn off your devices and pack them away during school, we encourage you to utilise them to enhance your learning experience by accessing the highest quality content.

You are living in the most exciting times and your education has now caught up with Think Digital Academy.”

Passionate about online learning, for all

Janessa Leita, the founder of Think Digital Academy, launched this exciting new platform in 2016 when she noticed that students’ learning and behavioural patterns were changing, in conjunction with the fast-paced evolution in technology. Instead of fighting the technological enhancement that captivates all young people of today, she embraced it, to their educational advantage.

“Our aim is to produce young adults who are innovative, creative and independent in their thinking, who have courage, perseverance and resilience and who believe in themselves and their potential.” expresses Janessa.

Think Digital Academy has fast built a reputation of trust, quality, and innovation. Which can be seen in not only all the media reports, but also in the reviews and feedback provided by online students as well as their parents. Think Digital Academy stands behind the direction that online learning is moving in, and will ensure it stays ahead of the curve, providing only the best virtual learning experiences for students so that they are better equipped to navigate the world when they graduate.

Janessa Leita, passionate leader in the global online schooling industry.

Janessa Leita, passionate leader in the global online schooling industry.


Six underlying attributes at the heart of Think Digital Academy’s curriculum and lessons.

Lessons and units are knowledge and vocabulary rich so that learners build on what they already know to develop powerful knowledge.

Knowledge is sequenced and mapped in a coherent format so that learners make meaningful connections.

Our flexible curriculum enables parents and tutors to tailor our content to their context.

Our curriculum is evidence informed through rigorous application of best practice and the

science of learning.

We prioritise creating a diverse curriculum by committing to diversity in teaching and in the language, texts and media we use, to ensure that all learners feel positively represented.

Creating an accessible curriculum that addresses the needs of all learners is achieved through content accessibility at any time, from anywhere.

Learn more about our global virtual school

If we have captured your interest and you would like to learn more about us, please feel free to make use of the extra resources that we have created about online schooling just for you. We know this is a big decision, and we are there to support you and provide as much information to assist as possible:

International online schooling opportunities

Think Digital Academy employs a team of online schooling specialists, located all over the globe, and offers virtual schooling opportunities to students that wish to obtain their United States GED, British International or South African CAPS international qualification.

Find out more about these local and international online school curricula.