• Short courses at Think Digital Academy

Short courses

  • Coding and Robotics

    Think Digital Academy’s Coding and Robotics course teaches real text-based code in a way that even a seven-year old can master. The courses take students from beginner’s level to expert level. No prior knowledge of coding or any equipment is required. The courses are user-friendly and teach students computational skills, problem solving and perseverance skills, Maths skills and critical thinking skills.

  • Mind Power for Kids

    Every parent dreams of having a happy, resilient child who can navigate through life and remain positive and focused. We cannot make life easier for our children but we can give them the tools to thrive. This course equips children (ages 6 – 12) with the knowledge of how their mind works and how they can use this knowledge to live the life they have dreamed of.

  • Mind Power for Teens

    In this course, teens (ages 13 – 18) are equipped with a set of life-changing principles that will start paving a road to happiness, fulfilment and success. It is a very practical course that is fun to take, and with a little bit of practice, can lead to significant improvements.

  • Savvy Social Media for Kids

    Our social media course is designed to equip children with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate social media responsibly. By fostering a culture of digital citizenship, critical thinking and online safety, we aim to empower kids to make informed decisions while encouraging positive online interactions.

  • Savvy Social Media for Teens

    Welcome to the ultimate course on social media for teenagers! If there’s one course every parent should choose for their teenager, this is it. We understand that social media is an integral part of modern life, but it comes with its own set of challenges. In this course, we’ll equip teenagers with the essential skills to not only enjoy social media but also maintain a pristine reputation online. Get ready to explore the digital world responsibly, confidently, and with the know-how to protect your online image.