• Get ready to explore the digital world responsibly, confidently, and with the know-how to protect your online image.

Savvy Social Media for Teenagers

We thought it was about time we offered our teens some cool tips on how to be savvy on social media.

Because if they’re anything like us, and we know that they are, then they’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time watching Instagram and TikTok influencers serve up an unending array of some very peculiar recipes and online challenges. We’re not saying that they should stop doing that, we’re just saying that they should work through this insightful short course so that they can have a healthy balance with social media.

Don’t be a Karen, Be Extra, Low-key, Fit, Being the CEO of something, no-cap, yeet, here’s the tea.

If you understood the second paragraph, then you know that these are trending on TikTok and Instagram. Also, while we’re here, we promise things get better after high school.

If you didn’t understand what any of that second paragraph meant, then it’s likely that you’re a little ol— um… wiser. And hence, you know the value of a good short course such as this one for your teen.

Welcome to the ultimate course on social media for teenagers! If there’s one course every parent should choose for their teenager, this is it. We understand that social media is an integral part of modern life, but it comes with its own set of challenges. In this course, we’ll equip teenagers with the essential skills to not only enjoy social media but also maintain a pristine reputation online. Get ready to explore the digital world responsibly, confidently, and with the know-how to protect your online image.

Course overview

  • Setting up your profile safely
  • Establishing your social media presence
  • Navigating the online space with kindness
  • Handling cyberbullying
  • Sharing the best you
  • Safeguarding your privacy
  • Understanding the law regarding social media
  • Sharing inappropriate content
  • Identifying fake news and online scams

There are two versions of this course powered by Think Digital Academy, one for teens (ages 13 – 18) and another for children (ages 6 – 12).


Not a teen?

Find out more about our Social Media for Kids course.

Whether you have a teen who loves to strike a pose every 5 minutes of the day, or stays up too late sharing memes on social media and then complains about being tired the next day, the one thing we ALL want from Santa this year is THIS short course, Social Media for Teens. Let us help you develop responsible online habits and create a safe digital footprint that you will be proud of for years to come.