• This club is for those who appreciate digital animation, cartoon and manga.

Cartoon and Anime Club

Join our Cartoon and Anime Club

What’s cooler than learning how to draw anime? Learning to draw Manga!

Calling all the creators, innovators and creative thinkers! This club is for anyone who loves to create with a special appreciation for digital animation, cartoon and manga designs!

If you need us we’ll be creating animated wallpaper with manga emblazoned across the front.

Cartoon and anime art focuses on the younger ages from 7-12, ages 13-18 do more specific ‘Manga’ techniques.

To join, check the schedule under your “Termly Planners” icon on your dashboard and simply join the session you’re interested in.

What will I need?

You will need a device, such as a laptop or tablet, with a working camera. A pencil, sharpener, eraser and paper. If you opt to use a tablet to do your drawings, you will need an iPad – Procreate or Android – Ibis Paint.