Clubs and fraternities

We’ve got an awesome selection of clubs and fraternities for you to join!

Check out the schedules under your “Termly Planners” icon on your dashboards and simply join the session you’re interested in. If you’ve been looking for a new hobby that won’t break the bank, you’re in the right place. And if you were just on the hunt for few new kindled friendships, you’re still in the right place! So there you go, hours of fun in just a few simple clicks.

What’s cooler than learning how to draw anime? Learning to draw Manga! Calling all the creators, innovators and creative thinkers! This club is for anyone who loves to create with a special appreciation for digital animation, cartoon and manga designs!

A creative space for kids and teens to unleash their creativity and express their individuality. An excellent way to acquire creative skills to start thinking out the box while designing and creating your own jewellery.

Mathletes allows everybody (not just the highest or lowest attainers) to experience and have fun with mathematics in an informal way. It will give you the opportunity to develop Mathematics skills and knowledge through activities, games and quizzes.

Whether you’re the kind of person who wears activewear to do a doughnut run to the kitchen or if you’re actually wearing them to set “Personal Bests”, this club is for you! Pilates is the kind of exercise your body dreams about. Try it and see.

Do you bury your nose in hours and hours of good books and, still spend ages discussing the intricacies of various character flaws and analysing exciting plot twists with like-minded people, never fearing an eye-roll. This club can help with that last thing.

Practice your mindfulness! The club will teach you coping mechanisms to help deal with school stresses (jokes, we know you don’t have any).  You’ll also learn mindfulness and practicing gratitude.

Take a train to the 1940s! Would you like to learn about the world that people of the past lived in and how it continues to impact us today? If you are curious about the past and eager to learn and discuss history, this club is definitely for you!

Here you can practice yoga postures while learning about how yoga can be used to manage stress, improve the mind-body connection and increase flexibility. Join this club and explore and build your strength, awareness and harmony.



Customer Reviews

Sarabibi Varachia

I love that there is an option of tutor support, and that it can be done at my own pace, the free 14 day trial gives a good idea of the course before signing up.

Janine Gouws

My daughter has gone from strength to strength since joining Think Digital Academy. She is now so used to taking notes after watching and reading through the material that she has taken comprehensive notes during her Zoom swimming sessions and is able to explain everything that she has learnt easily from her notes. This is a child who really battled in the conventional schooling system and has undergone a tremendous change since joining Think Digital Academy. Thank you to the Think Digital Team you truly are a spectacular team 😁

Neldie VdMerwe Viljoen

It was the best decision to enroll my grade 10 and 12 kids here. They can't get enough of the interesting lessons. The people are so pleasant and always help with kindness, no matter how many times you call to ask for help. You are the BEST!!!!

Judy-anne Naude

Love the platform, very user friendly.

Annie Andrews

My boys are very much enjoying this. And I love that you can do this anywhere. We take our ipads to the park, and we work from there. I love it!

Bob Howard

TDA is by far the best home schooling platform in South Africa. As a digital home school, I as a student can be anywhere, literally, and do my work. My marks have gone up, I no longer have to travel 2 hours a day and I am much more focused on school work.

Michelle Ferreira

The best. My kids love it!

Lorinda Everson

Love them!! They allow children to be children!!

Kharmen Wicks

Great home school option - we had a great experience last year during Covid lockdown. Our matric daughter passed with a university exemption - we were very happy with the support she received while she was doing her online studies with them - thank you Think Digital!!!

Stephanie Hibbert

We did the 2 week trial and my son loved it. We've now paid for it and he sits for an hr at a time and does his work im very happy with how much he enjoys this program.