• Mind Power for Kids at Think Digital Academy

Mind Power for Kids

Mind Power is a dream come true for many parents.

Every parent dreams of having a happy, resilient child who can navigate through life and remain positive and focused. We cannot make life easier for our children but we can give them the tools to thrive.

There are two versions of this course powered by Think Digital Academy, one for children (ages 6 – 12) and another for teens (ages 13 – 18). The course will equip them with the knowledge of how their mind works and how they can use this knowledge to live the life they have dreamed of.

Your mind is the key to your success.

Mind Power will teach kids to:

  • manage their thoughts to remain positive,
  • use their conscious mind to make healthy decisions,
  • programme their mind for success and eliminate negative belief systems that affect their self-esteem,
  • develop a strong sense of self-confidence to withstand peer pressure and negative influences,
  • focus on possibilities not problems,
  • develop healthy habits, and
  • control their emotions so that their emotions don’t control them.

Want to know more?

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This course is ideal for children who want to be positive, happy, determined, focused and successful!