• Learn mindfulness and how to practice gratitude.

The Zen Club

Join our Zen Club

Practice your mindfulness! The Zen club will teach you coping mechanisms to help deal with school stresses (jokes, we know you don’t have any). All age groups are able to join, from 1 (Grade 1) to 18 (Matric).

What did you think the future would be like?

You probably thought we’d have flying cars and human clones and world peace by now. Same.

We’re still not entirely sure how we feel about this. But let’s chat about here, in this club, together. That, along with other useful stuff like mindfulness and practicing gratitude.

To join, check the schedule under your “Termly Planners” icon on your dashboard and simply join the session you’re interested in.

What will I need?

  • A device, such as a laptop or tablet, with a working camera
  • Basic stationery items
  • A notebook