My awesome journey with Think Digital Academy

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By Leo Van Eeden

As a student who has experienced both traditional and online education, I want to share my positive journey attending an online school. Initially, I was sceptical about the idea of virtual learning, but over time, I came to appreciate the many benefits it offers. Today I get to share my enjoyable experience with others and talk about the advantages of attending an online school and how it has shaped my educational experience.

I can best explain my experience in Think Digital Academy (TDA) as most enjoyable. Flexible hours and easy to understand lessons were the main highlight of my experience. The tutors and the learners on the school forum were a big help when I first started out. The students on the forum already had a WhatsApp Group, and I was added by the Admin and, although there were many learners on the group I was soon able to find likeminded people, from around the world. This broadened my horizons and exposed me to diverse perspectives and cultures. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with students from different backgrounds, which has been an eye-opening experience. All the people were friendly and kind towards me which assisted me to ease my initial stress.

The traditional school environment can sometimes be overwhelming, leading to stress and anxiety for many students. In TDA, I found a more relaxed and comfortable learning environment. There’s less pressure to conform to societal expectations, allowing me to focus on my own growth and well-being.

The fun thing about learning for me was, that no matter my learning style the lessons were structured in such a manner that it was easy to understand and grasp the concepts needed for the specific lesson. TDA provides access to a wide range of digital resources, including interactive simulations, multimedia content and online libraries. These resources have enriched my learning experience and allowed me to explore a wealth of information beyond traditional textbooks.

Although at first, I had a timetable to cover all or most subjects in a single day, I later preferred learning one subject at a time. This personalised approach to learning has been a game-changer for me. I can explore subjects I’m genuinely passionate about and work at my own pace, ensuring a deeper understanding of the material.

The fact that the day started out quite easily, because there was no rushing to get ready and driving from home to school, instead the start to my school day was with the click of a button, made schooling 50% less stressful. One of the most significant advantages of attending TDA is the flexibility it provides. Traditional schools often have rigid schedules that can be challenging to balance with other responsibilities. However, TDA, allowed me to create a schedule that suited my needs. This flexibility has empowered me to pursue my passions, work part-time, and maintain a healthier school-life balance. The lessons were not overwhelming and hard to understand, there were no loud classmates to distract me – as I often found in a public school where you would sit in a class for forty-five minutes at a time and only really learn for 5 minutes.

The biggest thing I’m grateful for, was when it came to writing exams, there was no specific time or place I needed to go to in order to write them; I didn’t have to be in a hall which adds more pressure and stress. I was able to do any subject exam at any time, as and when I was ready. Another bonus about TDA exams is that once written, most of them returned an immediate result – thus reducing more stress about bad results or failure. TDA also has prepared study notes for each subjects’ exams – which is an invaluable perk, and really reduces exam prep time.

The most valuable thing I learnt while attending TDA was personal responsibility. Attending an online school requires a high degree of self-discipline. While some might see this as a challenge, I view it as a valuable skill that has developed during my journey. I’ve learned to manage my time effectively, set goals and take responsibility for my education. These are essential life skills that will benefit me in the long run. With no teacher looking down at me all day, it was completely up to me how much work I would do in one day. It all came down to determination and will power because I believe that no matter which walk of life you come from, you can become anything, and overcome anything – it’s all up to how determined you are to reach your goals and fight for your place as a successful individual.

My positive journey attending Think Digital Academy has transformed the way I approach education and personal growth. The flexibility, personalised learning, self-discipline, diverse resources, global perspective, technological proficiency and reduced stress levels have all contributed to a fulfilling educational experience. While online learning might not be for everyone, I believe that it has the potential to provide a rewarding and enriching educational journey for those willing to welcome a new way of learning.

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