6 Simple ways to help your child become a better learner

Six simple ways to help your child become a better learner and better prepared for school.

Children are always learning new skills, new ideas and new ways of doing things. Like, discovering how to make TikTok videos upside down, in 2.8 seconds, or, spending four hours doing a YouTube-athon learning how to boil an egg without water, or watching 80% of the internet trying to figure out whether dogs make better pets than cats. In fact, learning something new every day, is the way they develop and become more confident in their knowledge and abilities. But learning something new every day can become challenging for children unless, we, as parents and educators, inspire them to do so.

Helping your child become a better learner is as easy as motivating them and giving them the positive reinforcement they need to learn and grow. With just a little bit of your time and effort, your child can become better prepared for school and the world beyond it. With that said, we defy you to read through these six tips without letting out an audible groan of joy. We’re certain that they’re exactly what’ll set you off on your journey to success as a parent.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can help your child become a better learner:

1. Identify their learning style

By identifying your child’s specific learning style, you can adapt the way new information is presented to them. Teachers, tutors and parents should work together to ensure that their children get the best education possible, and that sometimes means creating custom tailored lesson plans that suit the needs of the child.

2. Encourage questions

The more questions the better! Encouraging children to ask questions until they understand the ideas or material they are learning, is important for the proper development of their brains. Limiting their curiosity could lead to lower test results and a decreased ability to learn new information.

3. Learn from mistakes

Show your child that it is okay to learn from their mistakes. By letting your child make mistakes, they will have the opportunity to learn from those mistakes and develop better reasoning and problem solving skills as a result.

4. Build their confidence

Praise and motivate your child. Teach them that through hard work and discipline, they can do anything they set their minds to. Encouraging them to try something new and learn from every new experience is a good way to help them become a much better learner.

5. Get enough sleep

While this might seem obvious, the fact is that many children in South Africa and, the rest of the world, don’t get nearly enough sleep for their brains to recover and save memories and new facts from the previous day.

6. Contact Think Digital Academy

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