• The impossible questions in this series will help you explore life, the the universe and everything in it.

A Series of Impossible Questions

This Series of Impossible Questions is full of all the brilliant questions you bombard, bamboozle and bewilder grown-ups with every day.

Science isn’t about knowing lots of facts or getting the right answer all the time. It’s not even about wearing a lab coat. Science is about asking sensible questions. They can be silly questions. They can even be impossible questions!

The history of science is paved with impossible questions. Each one is a stepping stone on the path to understanding the universe and everything in it. But this path is far from finished.

Every answer leads to new impossible questions that are still bamboozling biologists, confusing chemists and making physicists feel perplexed. In this series we will delve into a treasure trove of curious conundrums like:
Can I sleep with my eyes open?
Why can’t I tickle myself?
Are cats liquid or solid? And
What’s the world’s worst smell?

Isabel Thomas’s fantastically funny and informative answers are matched with bold, inviting answers to create a glorious compendium of weird and wonderful facts that you will want to read again and again.

The impossible questions in this series will help you explore life, the the universe and everything in it – and the best time to do this (as every scientist knows) is at bedtime!

Why does rain smell rainy and other impossible questions.

Why does rain smell rainy? Could I touch a rainbow? What is the world’s worst smell? Why do we need two ears? How many words are there? Can I learn to speak to animals? How do we know that unicorns have never existed?

English version
Afrikaans version

How does gravity work and other impossible questions.

How does gravity work? What is the speed of dark? How does Earth float in space? How do we know Earth is round? How long would it take to go all around the world? Why am I me and not someone else?

English version
Afrikaans version

If I were born in a different year would I still be me?

Why can’t I remember being a baby? Why don’t caterpillars get stung by nettles? Why do insects have six legs? Why are bubbles round? Why do children have to go to bed so early? Can I sleep with my eyes open?

English version
Afrikaans version

How many stars are there?

How many stars are there? How big is the Universe? Are aliens real? How many atoms are there in my body? What are atoms made from? Do animals have imaginations?

English version
Afrikaans version

Why doesn't gravity work on balloons?

Why doesn’t gravity work on balloons? Can birds fly to space if they want? How do aeroplanes fly? Why don’t animals wear clothes? Why are puppies cute?

English version
Afrikaans version

Why are there so many living things?

Why are there so many living things? What’s the opposite of a spider? Why are animals such different sizes? If everything is made of atoms, are feelings made of atoms? Do plants have feelings? Where do new ideas come from?

English version
Afrikaans version

Why are plants green?

Why are plants green? How many trees are there in the whole world? How heavy is Earth? Why is it easier to balance on a moving bike? Where do bruises come from and where do they go? Why can’t I tickle myself?

English version
Afrikaans coming soon

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