6 Benefits of studying a British International curriculum online

The benefits of studying a British International curriculum online at Think Digital.

Moving your child from traditional schooling to online schooling can be a challenging experience for many reasons, but, perhaps one of the more worrying concerns is what to do about your child’s education when their place of learning becomes a threat to their safety?

Some parents simply feel out of their depth when required to devise a full timetable of lessons for their children, and, in the case of older children, parents may lack the necessary knowledge themselves to effectively deliver the subject material being covered appropriately.

So, how can you give your child the best quality education from the comfort and safety of their own home? The answer lies in choosing a British education online, with one of the top online schools like Think Digital Academy.

As Texas heals from their recent school shooting at Robb Elementary School, officials are taking prompt measures to protect students. The shooting brings into question what action President Joe Biden along with US officials will implement that tightens gun control across the nation. Additionally, parents are calling for the dominant schooling system to be questioned and replaced with a secure, safe, and worry-free system like online schooling.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, students around the world have attended online schooling by default. However, now that in-person schooling is being deemed safe again, its actual safety is being doubted.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at how the schooling system is evolving following the recent shootings in Uvalde, Texas, which killed 19 children and two teachers.

Switch to online schooling

American parents have been speaking out in support of online schooling in light of the recent shooting. Compared to in-person school, online school allows students to receive a quality education from the safety of their home. The risk of a potential shooting isn’t just minimised, it’s completely eliminated.

These calls have been rising as parents are hesitant about whether gun control will be implemented across the nation. As scepticism increases, nationwide interest in online schooling is steadily rising with many parents, students, teachers and education specialists supporting the transition.

Greater security in schools

Amidst the calls for online schooling to become the dominant mode of schooling in the US, there has also been a push for tighter security in schools. Parents are encouraging schools to check each student’s bags before permitting them to safely enter school premises. While this may sound like an invasive measure, it can help save many lives.

Why is a British education the best option?

Online schooling offers considerably more flexibility than attending a local educational institution. As an added benefit, children study familiar subjects and experience familiar teaching styles that help them to feel settled and secure even in an online learning environment.

The teachers at Think Digital Academy are also very highly qualified and experienced specialists in their subjects, and this gives students an advantage since they will be benefiting from lessons delivered by experts in their field. The curriculum is self-paced and lessons can be accessed at any time which allows for a more personalised approach to learning.

Students who complete their British International education, will obtain internationally recognised British qualifications such as the GCSE and AS level certificate, and therefore they will be able to access the further or higher education courses of their choice without any difficulty.


If you’re looking for a schooling system that grants greater flexibility to students, online schooling should be your top pick. Compared to conventional school, online school allows students to enjoy a healthier school-life balance.

Why? Well, conventional schooling often drains students, leaving them feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and exhausted. After shuffling in and out of classes all day, they return home with little to no energy left to enjoy new hobbies, interests, explorations, excursions and activities with the same vigour.

The online schooling system grants students more time. The classes are shorter since they’re more focused. As a result, students are more engaged with their lessons which increases their knowledge absorption and retention capacity. Once they’re done with learning for the day, they can enjoy a wide range of non-academic pursuits.

Academic growth

In most conventional schools, the student-teacher ratio is extremely high. As 25+ students are taught by one teacher, they struggle to stay on track. They may zone out, lose the gist of the lesson, or fail to get adequate answers to their questions. The teachers have so much going on that they simply cannot provide individualised attention to every student.

Online schooling eliminates this risk. Lessons are recorded and taught by experienced, MA/PhD subject specialists that can be watched and re-watched at the student’s leisure.

Personal and social development

Every parent wants their child to secure top grades. However, this shouldn’t be your sole focus. You should also encourage your child to play their favourite sports, socialise with their friends and work on their personal growth. Online schooling gives students ample opportunities to grow in an academic and non-academic capacity.

In conventional schools, there’s a high risk of school bullying. As a result, students feel discouraged, demotivated and insecure. They may become withdrawn and feel unsure about taking on new challenges and getting out of their comfort zone.

At Think Digital Academy, the online “campus” environment is assiduously moderated by an empathetic team of online Student Success Coaches who encourage students to accept, respect and appreciate each other so there’s no risk of bullying, which can easily clip children’s wings.

If you’re considering making the switch from in-person schooling to online schooling for your children, make sure you do your research. Presently, parents can choose from dozens of online institutions across the globe. However, many of them lack experience, qualified teachers and a strong curriculum.

At Think Digital Academy, we have over 6 years of experience. Our MA/PhD qualified subject specialist teachers work assiduously to provide a quality online British education to students living in the US, South Africa and other countries across the globe.

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