• Grade 7 is the final year of primary school and is designed to prepare students for the transition to high school.

Grade 7

Welcome to Grade 7, the final year of the primary school phase in our online school!

Our programme, in line with the South African CAPS curriculum, is designed to prepare students for the transition to high school. It focuses on consolidating and extending core academic skills, while also introducing new subjects to broaden knowledge and understanding.

Curriculum overview

Core subjects

  • Home Language: It’s no secret that English can be an incredibly complex language to try and get your head around. Like, if the plural of ‘mouse’ is ‘mice’, why isn’t the plural of ‘house’, ‘hice’? Then you get the confusion that comes along with words that look the same but are pronounced differently: ‘At present, there is no one to present the presentation.’ Don’t even get us started on how many friends get confused between ‘they’re’, ‘there’ and ‘their’. And why do the British call it a ‘sweater’ when it doesn’t even ‘sweat’? Don’t give up yet! Advanced literacy skills, critical reading, creative writing and oral presentations are some of the many skills you can look forward to unpacking.
  • First Additional Language: Here we’ll be focusing on enhanced language skills, cultural studies and communication proficiency.
  • Mathematics: Did you know that if you start with any number, and keep adding its own digits together until you’re left with a single digit, that final number will always be the same if the original number was divisible by 9? For example, if you start with 18, which is divisible by 9, adding 1 + 8 gives you 9. If you try this with 81 (also divisible by 9), 8 + 1 also equals 9. It’s a neat little trick that shows the interesting patterns numbers can create and proof that maths can be really interesting; especially when you’re schooling online! Algebra basics, geometry, data handling and problem-solving techniques are just some of the fun concepts you can expect to learn.

New subjects

  • Natural Sciences: What’s heavier? A ton of lead or a ton of feathers. You might dismiss this by saying that they’re the same weight because of science. You would be correct! Here you’ll be learning the basic principles of biology, physics and chemistry.
  • Social Sciences: South African history (Nelson Mandela stood tall at 1.83 meters. His height matched his towering presence in the fight for justice and equality. Follow us for more history fun fats) geography and global awareness.
  • Technology: Introduction to computer literacy and basic technological concepts.

Life orientation

  • Focus: Personal development, health education, social responsibility and career orientation.
  • Activities: Self-awareness exercises, community projects and career exploration.

Preparation for high school

  • Strengthen study habits and time management skills.
  • Encourage independent learning and critical thinking.
  • Focus on personal growth and development.

Online learning experience

  • Interactive and Engaging Classes: Varied teaching methods to cater to different learning styles.
  • Personalised Support: Tailored assistance to help students overcome academic challenges.
  • Regular Assessments: Online tests and assignments to track progress and understanding.

Considering online schooling?

  • Seamless transition to high school: A curriculum designed to ensure a smooth transition to the next academic phase.
  • Flexible learning environment: A supportive and adaptable online platform.
  • Comprehensive academic support: Access to experienced educators and resources.

Equipment and supplies needed

  • Reliable computer or tablet with internet access.
  • Basic study materials like notebooks and stationery, a comfy chair for those long quests into History, and a solid Wi-Fi signal to keep them tethered to their learning. Oh, and snacks—brain fuel to outwit the puzzles of math and the mysteries of science.

Enrolment period

Feel free to join us all year round! You will still receive access to the full year’s content regardless of when in the year you enrol.

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