• The Intermediate Phase of primary school starts in Grade 4 as students build on the academic foundations of reading, writing and Mathematics.

Grade 4

Start your online Intermediate Phase school journey with Think Digital Academy.

Why you should go digital in Grade 4

We’re 99% sure that your child will love schooling online with Think Digital Academy.

Our lessons have an unfailing ability to make whatever they’re learning about – from how plants get their food, to simple multiplication tricks, super fun and engaging.

A tremendous amount of cognitive growth occurs in students in Grade 4 as they build on the academic foundations in reading, writing and Mathematics that were laid in Grades R to 3. They begin exploring and thinking about the world in more abstract ways as they learn about new subjects such as, Natural Sciences. They start thinking critically, “reading between the lines,” and applying their basic skills to solve more complex problems.

Think Digital Academy believes in building robust academic skills during the Intermediate Phase while focusing on fostering creativity and independence. Students are encouraged to move towards greater independence in both with their work habits and ways of thinking about information and problem-solving.

Of course, all children are different and that is what makes Think Digital Academy the ideal solution. More than online learning, we believe in individualised learning. For instance, children with dyslexia, language disorders and attentional conditions may need a more specialised approach to learning. Some children are visual learners, or auditory or kinetic learners. Observe your child and see what you notice about their own unique learning preferences and the techniques that help them focus. Our system caters for children with all learning preferences.

Enrolment period

Feel free to join us all year round! You will still receive access to the full year’s content regardless of when in the year you enrol.

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Equipment and supplies needed

All you require is a laptop/tablet, wi-fi/data, a few exercise books or exam pads and stationery to take notes and make summaries.  Students use on average three gigs of data per month.

What schedule is best for a Grade 4 student?

Grade 4 students will benefit from having a daily schedule that is developed collaboratively with their parents. This schedule can be similar to the structure provided in a classroom. Their new home schedule may include periods of time when parents are not readily accessible; this can help the child practice patience, build confidence and develop independent problem-solving skills.

It’s important to have a structure for the day which can include a list of subjects to complete with regular breaks. We recommend approximately four hours of work on the system. Roughly four lesson periods each day are ideal, including one each for language, Mathematics and electives / specials (such as a second language, Science or Life Skills). This can be broken down into 30 – 40 minute lessons with enough time for physical and creative activities which make learning fun – the rumours are true, our learners reject Blue Mondays.

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