• Grade 3 marks the culmination of the Foundation Phase.

Grade 3

Grade 3 marks the culmination of the Foundation Phase, where we reinforce and build upon the skills acquired in the first two grades.

Embark on the Grade 3 adventure with our multi-award-winning online school, designed to align with the South African CAPS curriculum. This crucial year marks the culmination of the Foundation Phase, where we reinforce and build upon the skills acquired in the first two grades. Our focus areas include Home Language, First Additional Language, Mathematics and Life Skills. Our goal is to ensure a solid foundation and readiness for the Intermediate Phase.

Curriculum overview

Home Language

  • Focus: Advanced reading comprehension, more complex writing tasks and in-depth grammar studies.
  • Activities: Reading, creative writing projects, advanced grammar exercises and oral presentations.

First Additional Language

  • Focus: Improved communication abilities, expanding vocabulary and enhanced listening and speaking skills.
  • Activities: Conversational practice through storytelling, advanced vocabulary exercises and listening comprehension exercises.


  • Focus: Consolidation of basic arithmetic, introduction to fractions and time, expanded shape and space knowledge and initial steps in data handling.
  • Activities: Problem-solving challenges, practical applications of fractions, time-telling exercises and basic geometry projects.

Life Skills

  • Focus: Personal development, social responsibility and creative arts exploration.
  • Activities: Self-awareness and empathy-building tasks, simple physical education activities and diverse art and craft experiences.

Preparation for Grade 3

  • Strengthen reading, writing and arithmetic skills through diverse and enjoyable activities.
  • Cultivate effective study habits and organisational skills.
  • Encourage curiosity and independent inquiry to deepen understanding.

Online learning experience

  • Engaging and comprehensive lessons: Comprehensive lessons tailored for Grade 3 learners.
  • Diverse educational tools: A blend of multimedia resources, including animations, interactive quizzes and educational games.
  • Weekly feedback: Personalised digital feedback to parents on each child’s unique learning journey.

Equipment and supplies needed

  • Appropriate technology (Desktop PC, laptop or tablet with reliable internet access).
  • Study materials (notebooks, stationery and educational resources).
  • Practical activity supplies (for home science experiments and art projects).

Considering online schooling?

  • Foundation phase culmination: Solidifying the essential skills required for a smooth transition to the Intermediate Phase.
  • Flexible and tailored learning: Customisable learning paths to cater to individual strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Interactive learning environment: A stimulating online platform that makes learning enjoyable and engaging.
  • Progress monitoring and reporting: Regular assessments and reports to track and celebrate your child’s learning achievements.

Enrolment period

Feel free to join us all year round! You will still receive access to the full year’s content regardless of when in the year you enrol.

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