• The Foundation Phase of primary school continues in Grade 2.

Grade 2

Welcome to Grade 2 in our online school, where your child’s educational journey continues to unfold!

Following the South African CAPS curriculum, this programme is designed to build upon the foundational skills learned in Grade 1, focusing on Home Language, First Additional Language, Mathematics and Life Skills.

Our approach is to nurture a deeper understanding and love for learning, setting the stage for future academic achievements. Your little ones will love learning new things and becoming more independent – and for that reason you’ll love it too! Grade 2 promises to provide them with hours of entertainment and happy memories.

Curriculum overview

Home Language

  • Focus: Enhanced reading and writing skills, introduction to more complex grammar and improved listening and speaking abilities.
  • Activities: Many more independent and guided reading sessions, creative story-writing exercises, grammar puzzles and speaking activities.

First Additional Language

  • Focus: Strengthening basic communication skills, expanding vocabulary and enhancing listening comprehension.
  • Activities: Role-playing games, vocabulary-building exercises and simple conversational practice.


  • Focus: Basic arithmetic (addition and subtraction), introduction to multiplication and division, exploration of more shapes and basic data handling.
  • Activities: Interactive arithmetic games, shape sorting tasks and simple data collection and analysis projects.

Life Skills

  • Focus: Personal and social well-being, continued development of motor skills, introduction to basic life sciences and creative expression.
  • Activities: introspection, suggested discussions with family and friends, physical coordination challenges, simple science experiments and arts and crafts projects.

Preparation for Grade 2

  • Encourage reading and basic maths skills through playful and practical activities.
  • Establish a structured yet flexible learning routine.
  • Foster independence in learning while providing necessary guidance and support.

Enrolment period

Feel free to join us all year round! You will still receive access to the full year’s content regardless of when in the year you enrol.

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Online learning experience

Fun and Interactive Lessons: Engaging lessons that captivate and stimulate young minds.

Varied Teaching Methods: Use of stories, songs and animations to enhance understanding and retention.

Considering online schooling?

  • Continued Foundation Building: Further development of key educational foundations in a well-structured, easily accessible, online setting.
  • Adaptable Learning Path: Ability to adjust learning speed and focus according to your child’s progress.
  • Accessible Student Support: Dedicated student success coaches and online tutors available for assistance and encouragement.
  • Interactive and Engaging Content: Learning materials designed to be both educational and entertaining.
  • Regular Progress Updates: Consistent feedback on your child’s development and achievements.

Really, the only downside is the odd papercut from your study notes.

Equipment and supplies needed

  • Suitable technology (tablet or laptop with internet access).
  • Basic learning aids (stationery, workbooks, educational toys).
  • Resources for practical activities (such as simple science experiment materials which can be found at home).

Want to know more?

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