• The Foundation Phase of primary school continues in Grade 1.

Grade 1

Welcome to your educational adventure in our Grade 1 online school!

Aligned with the South African CAPS curriculum, our programme introduces young learners to the foundational concepts in Home Language, First Additional Language, Mathematics and Life Skills.

This stage is crucial for developing a love for learning and establishing the building blocks for future academic success. Here, it’s less about “ready, set, go” and more “ready, set, grow!”

Curriculum overview

Home Language

  • Focus: Introduction to reading and writing, basic grammar and listening skills.
  • Activities: Phonics games, simple reading exercises, story-telling, and fun writing tasks. Get ready for many “Once upon a time” adventures!

First Additional Language

  • Focus: Basic communication in a new language, simple vocabulary and listening skills.
  • Activities: Interactive language games, basic conversational phrases and songs.


  • Focus: Number recognition, basic counting, introduction to shapes and simple measurements – don’t be surprised if they take a hands-on approach and start measuring everything from cups of sugar to the length of the family cat.
  • Activities: Counting games, shape exploration and hands-on measurement activities.

Life Skills

  • Focus: Social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, basic health and safety and creative arts.
  • Activities: Social skill-building games, physical coordination activities, safety drills and arts and crafts. Think of this subject as the survival tactics you need to navigate the wilderness!

Preparation for Grade 1

  • Encourage basic literacy and numeracy skills through everyday activities, such as learning to count using smarties and jellybeans. (Follow us for more motivational tips).
  • Create a child-friendly learning environment at home (pets are welcome in our classrooms).
  • Establish a routine that balances learning with play.

Enrolment period

Feel free to join us all year round! You will still receive access to the full year’s content regardless of when in the year you enrol.

Find out more about why you should join us for your online Grade 1 primary school journey.

Online learning experience

Interactive pre-recorded classes: Engaging, age-appropriate pre-recorded lessons designed for young minds.

Multimedia-based lessons: Use of animations, stories and songs to make learning fun and memorable. Parents, don’t stress if you find your child wanting to binge-watch their lessons – it’s totally normal.

Considering online schooling?

  • Foundational learning: Establish a strong educational foundation in a supportive online environment.
  • Tailored learning experience: Adapt the learning pace to suit your child’s individual development needs.
  • Friendly online support: Access to caring and patient educators for constant support.
  • Engaging learning materials: Use of child-friendly and interactive materials to keep young learners engaged.
  • Progress monitoring: Regular updates and feedback on your child’s learning progress.

Equipment and supplies needed

  • Child-friendly technology (tablet with internet access).
  • Basic stationery for drawing and writing.
  • Age-appropriate learning materials (such as flashcards and educational toys).

Want to know more?

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