• Language Arts for your Accredited Online GED

Online GED Language Arts

Language Arts for your Accredited Online GED

Here’s a list of things you don’t want from your online GED school:

  • A bunch of boring “paper behind screen” e-books that claim to be online learning.
  • Lists and lists of text based, PDF assessments that you need to download, print, and complete to prepare for your GED tests.
  • Several unnecessary nightmare-fueled projects and tasks that must be completed and submitted but not graded.
  • A handful of sleep deprived teachers who sound like they’d rather be farming cotton in Guatemala than be in class, teaching you.

And here’s a list of things you do want from your online GED school:

  • Basically everything you’re about to read below.

How will GED Language Arts help me?

By taking the accredited online GED Language Arts classes with Think Digital Academy, it will not only be preparing you to earn your GED certification, but it will also enrich your daily life. You may be wondering how? Well, we live in a world swirling with books and rich literature. What better way to enjoy stories old and new, be able to truly appreciate novels or even develop the necessary skills to write your own, other than by immersing yourself in the text and learning? Language is what connects us, it is what we use to communicate and to connect to our fellow beings.

What does the online GED Language Arts subject consist of?

There are three main categories covered in this subject. They are:

  • Language Arts Reading
  • Language Arts Language
  • Language Arts Writing

The Language arts test will require you to read passages of up to 900 words that is provided to you from a variety of sources, the majority being that of non-fiction, informational texts. How you comprehend and understand what you have read, and how you present your ability to draw conclusions on the writings will be tested.

This may sound rather overwhelming, even intimidating to you, but Think Digital Academy’s online GED classes will present the information to you in such a way that is easily digestible, fun to follow and you will be given the opportunity to properly absorb and understand the concepts presented to you in the course materials.

The primary purpose of Think Digital Academy’s tutors is not only to prepare you to pass your online Language Arts test, but also to provide you with an enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling enriched so that you can also move on into the world with a better understanding of language and communication around you.

Online GED Language Arts Reading

Language Arts Reading

You will be required to read texts from both non-fiction and fictional works, no poetry will be provided in the test. Your understanding of what you have read will be tested in this Online GED Language Arts category.

Online GED Language Arts Writing

Language Arts Writing

Your ability to compile a written piece that shows how you structure your ideas, how well you analyze what is presented to you and how clearly you can express yourself is primarily tested in this section of the Language Arts Online GED test.

Online GED Language Arts Language

Language Arts Language

Language usage skills are tested in this section of the Language Arts subject of the online GED. How you structure sentences, grammar, use punctuation and capitalization are some of the things you will be reviewed on.

Start your online GED journey today!

The GED Language Arts test subject is taught and covered comprehensively by the online GED Language Arts classes and subject matter experts from Think Digital Academy.

Learning Language Arts online for your GED is enjoyable

Preparing for the online Language Arts GED test can be fun and does not need to be difficult. The online classes provided to you are designed in a way to be interactive, engaging, and enjoyable. Remember that there are also online tutors, who are there to help you as you work through the course materials.

Below are just a few ways that Think Digital Academy will help you learn and prepare for your online GED Language Arts test:

  • Work at your own pace. Speed is not important, the outcome is. Take your time if you need to. The online classes are designed in such a way so that you can decide how fast or how slow you want to work through your content and course material.
  • Weekly feedback and reports are presented to you and/or your parent/tutor to help you to stay on track.
  • Online learning should not be tedious and boring, but rather an enriching experience that you can enjoy. Think Digital Academy provides course content that will help keep you interested, captivated, and engaged.
  • If you have any questions regarding your content, or perhaps you would just like to have an online discussion with one of your peers about a certain topic, you can do so by either chatting to one of the online tutors or chatting to your classmates online through your Forum.
  • Think Digital Academy provides you with all the various subject study notes. That’s right, we’ve done all the hard work for you, so that you don’t have to. Study notes are a great tool to help you learn; however, we understand that there isn’t always time to simply re-write all your course material, so we’d would rather you spend time paying attention to the lessons and engaging with the material.
  • Practice is important for athletes and believe it or not, practice is important for all students and learners too. Think Digital is excited to provide you with 1500 online GED simulation questions that will prepare you sufficiently for your external assessments. Here at Think Digital, we’re committed to doing all that we can to help prepare you for your final GED test day.