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Grade 9

In Grade 9, the workload intensifies and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. At Think Digital Academy, you can work at your own pace and manage your time and study schedule to ensure a successful and stress-free Grade 9 year.

Why complete Grade 9 online?

In an increasingly connected world where more and more can be accomplished online, an increasing number of learners are realising the benefits of online learning.

Let’s take a look at the advantages which explain the growing popularity of online learning.

Work in your own space

The first and most obvious advantage of online education is that it does not require physical attendance, all you need is a device and an internet connection. There are many reasons why a learner may not want to or be able to attend a traditional school. Some have conflicting commitments such as sport, while others have health conditions that prevent them from leaving their home or hospital room, whilst others suffer from depression, anxiety or have been bullied at school.

Work at your own pace

Learning from home is not just about comfort and safety. The beauty of online learning is that you can log onto your dashboard at any time of the day and take all the time you need to review concepts you are struggling to understand. Your schedule is your own – early birds can get started early and night owls can study during their optimal periods. Think Digital Academy is self-paced, which means that there is no formal timetable – you can create your own schedule and spend as much time on the various lessons as you need.


Online education is cheaper for everyone involved. Online schools can afford to offer online courses at reduced rates as they do not have to maintain a school property and, learners can complete the course requirements without any travel costs or expensive textbooks. This makes online learning the ideal solution for learners and goes a long way in creating equal opportunities to be successful.

Globally connected

Not only can you access your learning material from a distance, it is a great opportunity to meet learners from all around the world who share the same interests you do.

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Tips for choosing the right subjects for Grade 10

One of the most important decisions to make in your Grade 9 year is your subject selection for the rest of your school career.  This can be quite stressful, as you might not know what you want to study or do when you finish school. That’s okay. But it is still important to make an informed decision rather than randomly selecting your subjects.

Here are some tips to help you select the correct subjects:

  • Browse the various tertiary institutions that you are considering applying to after you complete Grade 12.
  • Draw up a list of courses you are interested in. Rank them from the most interesting to the least. List the requirements for each course.
  • Try to narrow down the choices. If you are battling, consider consulting an educational psychologist. Once you have your list, have a look at the subjects that keep showing up.

Staying productive at home

Your success relies on two important concepts:


The best way to stay ahead of your workload in Grade 9 is to revise your work on a daily basis. Revision is simple. Take notes during your lessons then revise your notes and make sure that you understand the work. If you get into this habit, you’re already halfway to acing Grade 9!


Remember, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail! By thoroughly preparing in advance, you will have a successful and enjoyable Grade 9 year.

Questions and answers

Do you have a question about our online Grade 9 school? Check out our FAQs below:

Yes, it is possible to take an 8th subject, but it may be better to do really well in 7 subjects rather than to obtain an average mark for 8 subjects.

Think Digital Academy’s CAPS curriculum is available in English and Afrikaans.  From 2021, we offer Zulu as a First Additional Language.

This depends on how many times you watch each lesson, but the average usage is approximately 3 Gigs per month.

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