About Us

Think Digital Academy (TDA) is the first virtual school providing the GED, British International and South African curricula.

USA’s global online school for school students, offering American GED, British International AICE & South African CAPS

Think Digital Academy serves all students in the United States of America

Why do students choose Think Digital Academy?

Think Digital Academy has taken the world by storm, literally. Originally launched in South Africa, and then entering the global online school stage by winning international awards such as the Corporate Livewire Prestige Award, presented from the United Kingdom.

The world as we know it has become far smaller, and more accessible with the evolution of technology, which has also allowed young people the option to choose their learning and futures. This has positioned Think Digital Academy in the prime position, offering students an education in either their home country curriculum, in this case the GED in the United States, or options like the British International qualification called the Advanced International Certificate of Education i.e. AICE, affectionately known globally as the “Cambridge qualification from England.”

Who are our curriculums and programs designed for?

Our curriculums, and our programs, are designed for a wide variety of school going students. Ranging from those that are always travelling and moving with their parents, such as the well-respected military families’ in the USA, or young people who are constantly on the move due to high level sports competitions or cultural activities. Let’s not forget our learners who prefer the online method of instruction, or those that are not physically located close to a school of their choice and would prefer access to more options.

Not only does Think Digital Academy provide a range of international certifications, but also a growing list of programs, such as Coding and Robotics, to meet the needs of an ever advancing technological world we live in, ensuring that students who have a passion for these topics are able to learn the subject matter, and in turn determine the direction of their own future.

High performance athletes / cultural students

Think is ideal for high-performance athletes and culturally talented students who train and travel extensively – as long as they have their tablet with them, they have their tutor travelling along with them. The pressure of attending school is removed and these children can live out their dreams.

Extra lessons

All content is covered and explained in an exciting, engaging manner.  Use the content in preparation for your exams.


Improve teaching by accessing engaging content and effortlessly collaborating with your students online.

Military family children

It is always difficult for a family to pack up and move, so why not lessen the burden on the children by making sure their schooling remains consistent and uninterrupted. No more “new kid on the block” type experiences for children of military families, rather just ongoing, consistent online schooling providing that extra bit of stability.

Distance learning

It’s like having a personalized tutor on your laptop or tablet. Learn in your own space at your own pace.


Join the education revolution and use Think content to future-proof your classrooms.